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Could there be any better way to spend a day than playing and relaxing on a wide, clean beach with family and friends? How about strolling the main street of a quaint historic village, poking around in independently owned shops and enjoying a meal in a local restaurant? Better yet, imagine tying on your boots and hiking forest trails, picking and eating wild raspberries as you go, under the lush, leafy canopy of green. Sound ideal? We think so too! And we are here to share with you all of the amazing, and unique experiences you can have in Northumberland County.

Sarah Webster of   The Northumberland Life .

Sarah Webster of The Northumberland Life.

The Northumberland Life was created by Sarah Webster and Sara Stiller, friends who grew up together in Toronto, and who separately moved to Northumberland County a few years ago. Sarah Stiller has since left The Northumberland Life to pursue other interests, but the TNL website, Instagram and Facebook feeds are still managed by Sarah Webster, who continues to share her passion for all the wonderful things that Northumberland County has to offer.

The Northumberland Life is all about local micro-tourism, showcasing the special, the unique, the hidden and the otherwise unknown attributes of Northumberland County as I share my firsthand experiences exploring this fantastic region of Ontario. I promise we will only post about places I have actually been to, and about things and products I have personally tried, and I hope that my stories, advice, anecdotes and research will amuse you, inspire you, and help you to plan an amazing visit to Northumberland County, Ontario. See you soon!